Design Your Perfect Jump Shot in 3 Easy Steps!

STEP 1: We naturally adapt your current jump shot to quickly install proper shooting form and footwork so you instantly become a more consistent and controlled shooter.

STEP 2: We next adapt your shot from "practice player" to "in-game sniper" by developing a more consistent and faster "in game" shot release and elite level shooting footwork.

STEP 3: Mastery. In Phase 3, we will focus on increasing your range, setpoint, and shot speed. You'll become a long range threat and a tough guard for any defender!

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Becoming an Insider with Ryan Razooky means that you will have a LIVE, interactive workout with Ryan EVERY WEEK!

Just like at the HOOP HOUSE, you'll be able to chat with Ryan as if you're in person!

Ryan will give you DIRECT feedback on the workout as you're working through it together...

...he'll even give you exclusive tips and strategies that before now, he would ONLY share inside of his personal gym!

R2 Insiders is designed to save players the time, travel, and expense of coming to San Diego to train with NBA Skills Trainer Ryan Razooky... you can focus on LEVELING-UP your ball handling, shooting, scoring, and getting personalized attention from Ryan as you work!


  1. Join R2 Insiders by clicking the button that says 'Train with Ryan LIVE!'

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  4. Grab a basketball, your meeting device, and be ready to go for Monday's at 3pm Pacific!

If you are tied up when we go live and can't join - we've got your back!

When you become an Insider with Ryan, you're also going to receive access to ALL of the workouts in the R2 Insiders Membership Portal!

This way - you NEVER have to worry about missing a workout!

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If you want to keep training with Ryan after the two weeks is up - we'll conveniently enroll you in his full-time program at just $47 per month!

Otherwise, just send us an email to be removed from his private training community.

Let Ryan SHOW you what training with him is like for two weeks for FREE!

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